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List of all books in the library

bookid bookname author
IICL-001 Electronic Communication Roddy Coolen
IICL-002 Asp Programming Gosney & Herris
IICL-003 GSM CDMA one and 3g system Steele,Ice &Gould
IICL-004 Mobile Communications Schiller
IICL-005 Solaris Tan Complete Reference Paul A.Watters
IICL-006 HTML & XHTML Complete Reference Powell
IICL-007 Computer Architecture & Org. Hayes
IICL-008 Practical Visual Basics 6 Reselman & Peasley
IICL-009 Modern Digital and Analog Comm System B.P.Lathi
IICL-010 Upgrading and Repairing PC Mueller
IICL-011 Computer Architecture Flyenn
IICL-012 Computer Architecture Flyenn
IICL-013 Principle of compiler design Aho,Ullman
IICL-014 Introduction to computer theory Daniel I.A.Cohen
IICL-015 Principle of compiler design Aho,Ullman
IICL-016 X Window System Programming Nabajyoti
IICL-017 Red Hat Linux (Admin Guide) Kerrycox
IICL-018 Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications Tom Sheldon
IICL-019 My SQL (complete reference) V.Vaswani
IICL-020 Data Structure & Program design Robert L Kruse
IICL-021 Theory of Automata & Formal Lang. Smita Rajpal
IICL-022 An Integrated Approach to Software Engineer Pankaj Jalote
IICL-023 Theory of Automata & Formal Lang. Anand Sharma
IICL-024 Computer Graphics V.K.Pachghare
IICL-025 OOPS using C++ B Chandra
IICL-026 Software Engineering Sommer Vile
IICL-027 Software Engineering Pressman
IICL-028 Discrete Mathematics & its app. Rosen
IICL-029 Unix Concepts & application Sumitabha Das
IICL-030 Programming in Prolog Mellish
IICL-031 HBK of electronic formulas George Rose
IICL-032 A First Course in Abstract Algebra Fraleigh
IICL-033 Fundamental Algorithm Knuth
IICL-034 MS VB Programming Michael Vine
IICL-035 Introduction to Microprocessor Ghosh & Shridhar
IICL-036 MS Commerce Server 2000 -
IICL-037 Type & Learn C Tom & Swan
IICL-038 TCP/IP John Ray
IICL-039 DS & Programming Design Robert L Kruse
IICL-040 Communication System Simon Haykins
IICL-041 Modern Communication System Leon W Couh
IICL-042 Tele Comm. Switching Sys. & n/w T. Vishwanathan
IICL-043 DOS The Complete reference K. Jansa
IICL-044 Red Hat Linux 7 Brain Profit
IICL-045 Communication System Bruce Carlson
IICL-046 E-Commerce Strategies Charles Trepper
IICL-047 Perl 5 Que
IICL-048 Digital Communication Proakis
IICL-049 Micro Computer System 8086/88 Liu Gibson
IICL-050 Computer Organization and Design Patterson
IICL-051 Graph Theory Harary
IICL-052 Communication System Taub & Schilling
IICL-053 Java 2 Fast & Easy Web Development Harris
IICL-054 The Intel Microprocessor Architectire Brey
IICL-055 The Spirit of C Mullish Cooper
IICL-056 Microprocessor and Interfacing Douglas V. Hall
IICL-057 High Performance Computer Architecture Stone
IICL-058 Data Structure in Pascal Horowite & Sahni
IICL-059 Operating System Tanenbaum
IICL-060 Principle of communication system Taub & Schilling
IICL-061 Data Network Berisekas
IICL-062 Intel Microprocessor Brey
IICL-063 Java 2 Unleashed Jaworski
IICL-064 LDAP Sys Admin O'reilly
IICL-065 Mobile IPv6 Soliman
IICL-066 Computer Network and Internet Comer
IICL-067 Operating System Tanenbaum
IICL-068 Fundamentals of DS in C Horowitz & Sahni
IICL-069 Programming with C Schaum Series
IICL-070 Telecom Switching System & Networks T. Vishwanathan
IICL-071 Computer System Architecture Moris Mano
IICL-072 Numerical Recipe INC W.H.Press, Vellerling
IICL-073 Principle of Interactive Computer Graphics W.M.Newman
IICL-074 Operating Systems W.Stallin
IICL-075 Fundamental Algorithm ( Art of Computer programming ) Knuth
IICL-076 Operating System Stallings
IICL-077 Electronic Devices & Circuit Allen Mottershead
IICL-078 Internetworking with TCP IP Douglas E Commer
IICL-079 System Programming John J. Donovan
IICL-080 Software Engineering Fundamental Behforooz & Hudson
IICL-081 Op - Amps & Linear Integrated Circuit Gaykwad
IICL-082 Computer Graphics Schaum Series
IICL-083 Computer Graphics Schaum Series
IICL-084 Computer System Architecture Mano
IICL-085 Software Engineering Ian Sommerville
IICL-086 The C Puzzle Book Photocopy -
IICL-087 Guide to Operating System Security Michael Palmer
IICL-088 Parallel Operating System Ron Carswell, Hiede Webb, Terill Freese
IICL-089 Operating System - Principle, Design and Application Brain L. Stewart
IICL-090 Java Complete Reference (Photocopy) Herbert Schidt
IICL-091 Computer Architecture Nicholas Carter
IICL-092 Quantitative Aptitude R.S.Aggrwal
IICL-093 Problems in Computer System Architecture -
IICL-094 Operating System Galvin
IICL-095 Computer Systems (Photocopy) Haykin
IICL-096 Computer Systems Haykin
IICL-097 Exploring C Kanetkar
IICL-098 Pointer in C Kanetkar
IICL-099 Test Your C Skills Kanetkar
IICL-100 Java the complete reference Herbert Schidt
IICL-101 OOP C++ E.Balaguruswamy
IICL-102 .NET Game Programming Labao & Halton
IICL-103 Active server page 3 A.Russel Jones
IICL-104 Active X Programming S.Kaufman, J.Perkins, D.Fleet
IICL-105 Advanced MS-DOS Ray Duncan
IICL-106 Advanced Unix Stephen prata
IICL-107 An Introduction to Database System Bipin C.Desai
IICL-108 C++ Complete Starter Kit Jesse Liberty
IICL-109 C++ Primer Plus Stephen Prata
IICL-110 Cisco Network Design Handbook Micheal Salvagno
IICL-111 Compiler Design in C Holub
IICL-112 Computer System Architecture Mano
IICL-113 Computer System Architecture Mano
IICL-114 Database System Concepts Silberschatz,Korth,Sudarsha
IICL-115 Discrete Mathematical Structure Dr. M.K. Das
IICL-116 Direct X 8 & VB Development Sink
IICL-117 Direct X Game Programming Kanetkar
IICL-118 DOS 6.22 Peter Norton
IICL-119 Data Structures Using C & C++ Tanenbaum
IICL-120 Fundamentals of SE Ghezzi,Jagayeri,Mandrioli
IICL-121 Fundamentals of Computer V.Rajaraman
IICL-122 Flash Kealings,Fig Leaf Sortware
IICL-123 Flash Web Design Hillman Curtis
IICL-124 Graphic Java Geary
IICL-125 HTML 4 Castro
IICL-126 HTML 4.0 Ray,Ray
IICL-127 Java Handbook SSI Press
IICL-128 OOP with C++ D.Parsons
IICL-129 Oracle 8 The Complete Reference Loney, Koch
IICL-130 Oracle Development Dan Hotka
IICL-131 Pure Java Script Jason Gilliam,Charlton Ting R. Allen Wyke
IICL-132 Programming Microsoft Visual C++ David J.Kruglinske,Srot Wingo & George Sheph
IICL-133 Mastering Perl 5 Eric C Herrmann
IICL-134 Principle of RDBMS & Application Development in Oracle 8 Software Technology Group (STG)
IICL-135 Macromedia Dreamweaver TM3 Steven Moniz
IICL-136 Mastering Visual Basic 6 Evangelos Petroutsos
IICL-138 Microsoft Window 2000 API Super Bible Richard J. Simon
IICL-139 System Analysis And Design Elias M Awad
IICL-140 System Programming & Operating System D.M. Dhamdhere
IICL-141 The Complete Reference C Herbert Schidt
IICL-142 OOP in Turbo C++ Robert Lafore
IICL-143 Unix Network Programming W.Richard Stevens
IICL-144 Relational Database Design NIIT
IICL-145 Windows NT NIIT
IICL-146 Windows 2000 Server Mark Minasi,Doug Tombs
IICL-147 Programming Windows with MFC + CD Jeff Prosise
IICL-148 Windows 98 Developers Handbook Ben Ezzel with Jim Blaney
IICL-149 XML Charles Ashbacher
IICL-150 XML (Spiral Binding) -
IICL-151 WAP (Spiral Binding) -
IICL-152 Web Design - Internet, HTML, Tool & Java Script -
IICL-153 Structured System Analysis & Design Part -I STG
IICL-154 Statistics for managers using MS Excel Levinem,Stephan,Berenson
IICL-155 Red Hat Linux Administator Guide Kerry Cox
IICL-156 Project Report (Geneva Extract Services) Munish Kumar
IICL-157 Nagarro Employee Portal Neha Mahajan
IICL-158 Project Report(Blood Bank) Mangesh Rohan
IICL-159 Partial Order & Structures(Lecture Notes) Dr. M.K. Das
IICL-160 Element of Set Theory,Mathematical Logic,Relation & Function Dr. M.K. Das
IICL-162 C - Puzzle Book -
IICL-163 Programming with FORTRAN Seymour Lipschutz
IICL-164 Let Us C - Solution Kanetkar
IICL-165 Microcomputer Systems Liu - Gibson
IICL-166 C Program Language Dennis M.Ritchel
IICL-167 Computer System Architecture Morris mano
IICL-168 Classic Data Structure Samanta
IICL-169 Microprocessor Architecture 8085 4th Edition Ramesh S. Gaonkar
IICL-170 Database Management Systems PS Gill
IICL-171 Head First PMP 2nd E Greene and Stellman ( O'Reilly )
IICL-172 Electronic Devices and Circuits JB Gupta
IICL-173 Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks Viswanathan
IICL-174 Microcomputer Systems 8086/8088 Liu Gibson
IICL-175 Fundamentals of Computers Balagurusamy
IICL-176 Computer System Architecture Mano
IICL-177 Java The Complete Reference 8th Edition Schildt (Oracle)
IICL-MKD Discrete Mathematical Structure Dr. M.K. Das
IICL161A LAN Trainer ( Benchmark System) Prof Timothy A.Gonsolves
IICL161B LAN Trainer (Programmer's Guide) Prof Timothy A.Gonsolves
IICL161C LAN Trainer (Installation) Prof Timothy A.Gonsolves