IIC Library

List of books currently issued to students

studentid studentname year bookid bookname author expretdate
4120 Mansi Garg 2nd IICL-173 Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks Viswanathan 2017-09-26
4135 Sourabh 2nd IICL-176 Computer System Architecture Mano 2017-10-03
4107 Ashwani Gupta 2nd IICL-070 Telecom Switching System & Networks T. Vishwanathan 2017-10-03
1441 Kapil Gupta 1st IICL-115 Discrete Mathematical Structure Dr. M.K. Das 2017-10-19
1428 Amit Nishad 1st IICL-028 Discrete Mathematics & its app. Rosen 2017-11-18
1428 Amit Nishad 1st IICL-084 Computer System Architecture Mano 2017-11-18
1414 Manisha Rawat 1st IICL-167 Computer System Architecture Morris mano 2017-11-18
1442 Prachi Yadav 1st IICL-040 Communication System Simon Haykins 2017-11-18
1423 Krishn Kr. Gupt 1st IICL-MKD Discrete Mathematical Structure Dr. M.K. Das 2017-11-18
1453 Shreya Rai 1st IICL-071 Computer System Architecture Moris Mano 2017-11-18
1426 Dhananjay Kr. Maurya 1st IICL-049 Micro Computer System 8086/88 Liu Gibson 2017-11-18
1442 Prachi Yadav 1st IICL-174 Microcomputer Systems 8086/8088 Liu Gibson 2017-11-18
1458 Pragya Chhabra 1st IICL-165 Microcomputer Systems Liu - Gibson 2017-11-18
4113 Hansraj 2nd IICL-094 Operating System Galvin 2017-11-25
4125 Nisha Arora 2nd IICL-170 Database Management Systems PS Gill 2017-11-25
4125 Nisha Arora 2nd IICL-114 Database System Concepts Silberschatz,Korth,Sudarsha 2017-11-25
4104 Ankit Kharb 2nd IICL-042 Tele Comm. Switching Sys. & n/w T. Vishwanathan 2017-11-25
4138 Tanvir Ahmed 2nd IICL-027 Software Engineering Pressman 2017-11-25
4125 Nisha Arora 2nd IICL-026 Software Engineering Sommer Vile 2017-11-28